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rouletteSo you want to play Roulette?

Start Playing Immediately And Win Big Prices!

If you are serious about playing roulette then you need to read this article. In this article we will tell you how to play roulette effectively, how to reduce the house edge, why you should always play online roulette and the most important part, how to win at roulette.

Lets get the easy one out of the way first. The quickest and easiest way to reduce the house edge is to make sure that you only play roulette on European tables. This one simple tip alone can cut the house edge by almost a half from 5.26% down to 2.7%. Quite frankly, the only way you are going to get to be able to play roulette on a European table is to play roulette online.

Next, if you are going to play roulette, then you want to play the most efficient and effective game that you can. Here are some die hard rules to playing roulette that you should always keep in mind.

As a rule of thumb, expect to lose the value of your average stake per bet over 37 spins of the wheel. What does that mean to you? It means that unless you have a solid betting strategy and solid bankroll control strategy you are going to loose more than you make over 37 spins of the roulette wheel, assuming of course that you followed our first tip and are playing on a European roulette table; which means that when you play roulette, you cannot flat bet and win over the long term.

Always quit when you are ahead. When you play roulette it is so vitally important that when you win you take your winnings and walk away. This is the hardest thing for most players to do. When you are winning at roulette, you feel awesome! You feel like a winner and so you keep playing. This is the gamblers downfall. Set your self a number both for your win or your loss where you walk away from the table. When you play roulette, if you are serious about winning money, then you need to play roulette like if it is a business. IF you let your emotions dictate when you play roulette, you will loose.

Finally, NEVER chase your loss! Treat your loss like a cost of doing business. The objective when you play roulette is to maximize your winnings and to minimize your losses. The fact is that you can not win 100% of the time at roulette. It is impossible. Anyone that promises you different is trying to sell you something! However, it is possible to reduce the house edge, minimize losses and maximize winnings. Imagine if you will that you play roulette for 37 spins of the wheel. You win 51% of the time. Now, if you have ever flipped a coin you know that this is a very strong statistical probability. The key is to minimize the losses incurred and to maximize your winnings. Remember, in any business there are costs to doing business. Keep this in mind when you play roulette. Have your betting strategy, of which there are many, and stick to it. Don’t get angry when you loose. Just accept it and keep to your system.

Now, as to why you should always play roulette online, that should be self explanatory. But just incase;

One: you can cheat! That’s right, we said it. When you are in your own home and you are at your computer playing online roulette, who is to say what you can or can not do? I love this option! I have three separate computers all running probability software and no one knows!

Two: NO SYSTEM IS PERFECT! All systems have inherent flaws. Once you know what those flaws are you can manipulate the system to your advantage! Online Roulette Games are no different! They are based on mathematical formulas and programming written by humans and as we know, humans are imperfect, thus an imperfect system!

Three: Online roulette casinos give bonuses that most brick and mortar casinos do not offer. Take the new player deposit bonus as an example.

Lastly, how to win at roulette; is it even possible? The answer is yes, you can win at roulette! In some of our other articles we talk at great length about bank roll control and betting strategies and why it is possible to beat online casinos. But most importantly we talk about how to never risk your money and how to play with the casinos money when you play online roulette. The secret there is to take advantage of the Casinos deposit bonus!

For some of the best casinos that offer online roulette of the European variety as well as some of the best player bonuses check out.

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