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play rouletteHow to Play Roulette and Win!

Start Playing Immediately And Win Big Prices!

The first thing that you must realize if you are going to play roulette, whether or not you decide to play roulette in a brick and mortar casino or play roulette online, you can not flat bet and win over the long term. In short, if you plan on winning at all you must use a progressive betting system.

Now to be honest, there are probably as many progressive betting systems as there are people who play roulette on line. What you need to do is to discover what your risk tolerance is and then to modify the progressive betting system to fit your playing style. For example, the most famous of all betting systems is the Martingale progressive betting system. The down side to this betting system is that it requires a large starting bank roll and of course the ability to play roulette with no table limit because eventually, sometimes sooner rather than later, you will hit the table limit. So, are you a type of player with deep pockets? Are you the type of player that command a table with no betting limit? If you are great! It means that you can win at your leisure. However, most of us are not those types of high rollers and as such we need to modify the martingale to fit our playing style.

The martingale progressive betting system simply stated is to take an even money bet, like odd-even, or red-black, and to place your bet. When you loose you double your bet thereby guaranteeing that you will always make a profit of one betting unit. So, in other words, when you play roulette, you place a $1 U.S.D. bet on red. Spin, Black is the color. You loose. Now you increase your bet to $2. Loose again, double to $4 U.S.D. Now you win. So even money bet dictates that you bet $4 so you get $4 with a total loss of $3 in previous bets for a net gain of $1. As you can see, when you play roulette in this manner you are always guaranteed to win provided two very specific rules are followed, one that you have an unlimited bank roll and two that there is no table limit. As you can see, for most of us, that becomes impossible.

So what it a great way to reduce the house edge, allows you to use a progressive betting system and keeps you from reaching the table limit or exhausting your bank roll?

What we are about to share with you is a betting system that most people pay money for. Usually around $39 to $49 dollars but we are going to share it here with you for free! Why? Because it is ridiculous for you to have to pay money to learn a system of how to play roulette online. Remember what we said in one of our previous articles. Anyone who is promising you a 100% win rate when you play roulette.

Now this system will work whether you play roulette online or you play roulette in a brick and mortar casino. What you want to do is to wait for a pattern to appear. Remember what we said in one of our previous articles. No system is perfect. Look for the flaws and exploit them.

Here is what you do.

This works best with even money bets; ie. Red-black or Odd-even. Spin the wheel with no bet or let others do the betting. Then just wait. What you are looking for is a series of no less than 4 spins where one color does not appear. For example you sit back and wait until you see a streak of 5 spins that were all red. This is the perfect opportunity to enter the table with a bet on black. Start with a bet of one unit. Then double it with any loss. Now most opponents of any type of betting system will tell you that this is a gamblers fallacy and that past indicators are no guarantee of future events. That would be true in a perfect system but remember these are imperfect systems. So in order to prove what we are saying, pull out a coin! Ok, now pull out 200 pennies. Each penny will be one betting unit and each side of the coin represents one color. For arguments sake, lets say Head is Red and Tail is Black.

Now, flip the coin and write down what comes up. Heads or tails just right it down. Now, when you see a pattern of no less than four heads or four tails in a row, bet one betting unit that the opposite will occur. If you are wrong double your bet and keep doubling until you actually win. Now this is an even money bet so you will get back what you bet. If you add up your total bets and subtract that from your total win, you will note that you always win back the original betting unit of one! Try it, I guarantee you will win!

Now, why don’t you try this out a couple of times to prove to yourself that it works and then go and play roulette online. Most casinos that offer you the chance to play roulette online also offer free money tables! That’s right, take the free money table, play roulette online for free, and put the system to the test! See what happens!

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