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play roulette onlineAre you serious about wanting to play roulette online?

Start Playing Immediately And Win Big Prices!

If you are serious about wanting to play roulette online and you are serious about wanting to win money with your roulette play then might we recommend that you keep reading?

You have heard us say this before and so we will repeat it once again in case you missed it the first time or this is the first of our articles about online roulette play that you have read.

No system is perfect. All systems have inherent flaws. As such, once you can discover those flaws you can manipulate the system to your advantage. Here is another great betting system that you can use.

We like to call this the “en Passant” (also known as the in passing) betting system. When you decide to play roulette, whether you play roulette online or in a brick and mortar casino you are going to want to spend some time at the roulette table watching and recording what is happening before you even think about starting your roulette play. Prior to commencing your roulette play write down the winning number of each spin until a number repeats itself. This repeat number is your “in passing number” (in other words the number came up twice “in passing” and there for this number is the number on which you place your first bet.

For example; 6 12 33 36 35 4 7 6 5

Number 6 is the first repeat number and therefore the “passant”.
Number 6 will remain the “passant” for the next 36 spins in a row unless it wins.

Bet the same amount on your passant number for each spin until you either win or lose at the end of the thirty-sixth spin. Remember, a single number pays out at 35 to 1. So if your “passant” comes up at anytime throughout the next 35 spins you will be a winner. Or at worst, you break even if it comes up on the last spin. Naturally, the earlier your “passant number” comes up during the next 35 spins the better the profits because naturally your profits are decreasing with every spin of the wheel.

When you have a win, stop betting on that “passant” and select another one to start the process over again.

Why Does this system of roulette play Work?

It is a known mathematical fact and/or anomaly that when you play roulette the numbers that come up for a win on a roulette wheel tend to repeat themselves. This becomes even more pronounced on a online roulette play where they use a real table. If you have ever taken the time to notice that whether you play roulette online or in a casino on average, the same 24 numbers will appear in 36 spins of the wheel. In all of our game testing and in all of your game play we have never witnessed all 36 numbers appear in the same 36 spins. Certainly all numbers will eventually be winners but not during a 36 spin cycle

What does this mean? During roulette play it means that on average, in 36 spins, you must have 12 numbers that repeat themselves. What we have just described simply keeps on happening over and over again! Go and play roulette online right now, you can play for free at this casino (insert hyperlink) and see if you can ever get all 36 numbers to “hit” in a 36 spin cycle.

Granted the numbers that repeat could be just one repeat of each of the 12 numbers but it will more than likely be a repeat of few numbers coming up three or even four times each. This is not a joke, it’s what’s called the theory of uneven distribution. The problem is that most people have never heard of it or just don’t have the patience for it.

Do you have the patience for it? Can you deal with losing maybe 30 or 34 times in a row or are you going to be one of those players that gives up at the first sign of adversity and convince themselves that this does not work. When you decide to play roulette online and you decide to be focused and to follow your system, whether you decide that it will work or that it wont work, in either case you are correct! It is what you decide!

If you are ready to play roulette online and want to put this to the test then might we recommend the following casinos that offer free roulette, so you can test it, and great player bonuses when you are read to win it!

Our top 3 casinos:

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