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Choosing the right online Roulette game

There is a common misconception among novice roulette players that all roulette games are the same. This could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that not all roulette games are created equal and there are some very distinct advantages in knowing what the differences are!

The first thing you should know before you start playing any roulette online game is to know what those games are and how they differ and of course how that will affect your playing and betting. In short, there are three types of Roulette “tables” and each one has its set of advantages or disadvantages to the player. Do you know which online roulette game gives you the best odds? Do you even know where to find the best online roulette games? If you answered no to either one or both of these questions then keep reading.

The fact is that you are NEVER going to win at online roulette unless you understand the house advantage, what its actual percentage is and how to reduce it. Remember, in gambling the “odds” are everything!

There are three distinct type of roulette tables. The “American, The French, and the European.”

In the online roulette game played on the “American Table” you are at a severe disadvantage. In short, you should NEVER play online roulette on an American roulette table. The simple fact is that there are more than enough online casinos that will offer you the European or French tables.

Here is why you should never play on the American Roulette table

An American roulette table is easily identified because it is the roulette table that has both the “0” and the “00” on the wheel. Due to the insertion of the “00” to the wheel, the house advantage jumps to 5.26%. That is an astronomical advantage to try to overcome. By comparison, when you play on the European roulette table, identified by only having the single zero, the house advantage drops to just 2.7%; imagine that, you practically doubled your odds of winning simply by knowing what table to play and what table not to play.

Further, the French table is identical to the European table except that they add a couple of interesting rules to the roulette game. Quite frankly, the only place we know of that you can actually find these tables with these rules is in an online roulette game! These rules are;

The ‘En Prison’ rule

The ‘En Prison’ (otherwise known as ‘in prison’) roulette rule is applied to even-money bets only and as we mentioned before, not all online roulette games offer this rule. In short, when the resulting number is zero, this roulette rule will allow the player to either take back half his/her bet or leave the bet for another roulette spin. In the second case, if the following spin the outcome is again zero, then the whole bet is lost.

The ‘La Partage’ Rule

The “La Partage” roulette rule is similar to the en prison rule.This roulette rule refers to the ‘outside’ even-money bets Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even and applies only when the result of the wheel spin is a zero. The difference is that you do not have the option of leaving the bet for a second spin.

So how do these two rules effect you? Simple, they reduce the house advantage by cutting the payouts on the ‘even-money bets’ in half. So, during an online roulette game, this would mean that when a bet on Red is placed on a European (single-zero) roulette table, the house advantage is cut down to only 1.35%!

Now any one who is familiar with odds, probability and gambling will tell you that a house advantage of just 1.35% CAN BE BEAT a lot easier that a house advantage of over 5%.

If you are serious about winning at the game of roulette then your only choice is to play online roulette games and to make sure that you are playing European roulette! Here are some great casinos that not only offer online roulette games of the European variety they also offer some great first time player bonuses.

Our top 3 casinos:

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